Horse & Tack Auction

Saturday, October 20th, 2018 at 9:00 AM

K-14 Draft Horse, Mule and Carriage Auction

Location: K-14 Auction Center
10919 S K-14 Hwy Hutchinson, KS 67501

K-14 Draft Horse, Mule and Carriage Auction

Now taking consignments for Draft Horses; Mules; Carriage Horses; Quarter Horses; Ponies; Donkeys; Horse Drawn Equipment; Carriages; Buggies; Wagons; Carts; Saddles; Harnesses; Tack.

Early Consignments: 2 Seat Open Buggy; Pony Forecart; Road Cart; Box Wagons; “The David Blake Estate” which consists of 12 to 15 Horse Drawn Pcs, including Carriages, Box Wagons, Trolley Wagon, Buggies and Wagons; 6 Horse Hitch Show Harness; Draft Harness; 15 to 25 Saddles; Well broke Miniature Ponies (ride and drive); Well broke John Mule (ride and drive); 2 Well Broke John Mules (ride); Carriage Horses; Draft Teams; 2 yr old Paint Donkey; plus more being consigned later.

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Auctioneer Morris Yoder